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The Cycle of Seasons

Luscious green grass meadows
Fragrant flowers of all hues
Sweet sensual scent of jasmine
Intoxicating our senses to elation
We rejoice in genial pleasantries
But the spring does not lost long


Torrid heat waves scorching skin
Withering flowers and shrubs
Pouring sweat, odor unbearable
Pulsating heart beats, pressures
We wait and hope for the better
The summer soon come and gone


Rain pours down soaking our skin
A pleasant relief from the heat wave
Once for a while though and then
The leaves begin to fall baring the trees
An emptiness surrounds haunting
Fall has taken its toll and gone


Bitter cold engulfs, snow storms threaten
On some fine days the snowflakes fall gently
Adorning the earth and soothing our hearts
We love the scenic beauty but long for warmth
Nights are lonely without a loving arm around
Winter has shown its bitterness and beauty


The cycle of seasons goes on and on
Like our life?


More By  :  Joel Raja Kumar

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