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Vasant Vihar

Abode of Spring

This is Home.
An oasis in the midst of mind's agonizing
noise and bustle,
birth and death.
Abode of Spring,
where consciousness springs,
where Silence makes room
for breath
and breezes
and birdsong.
Where the moaning mourning resistance to death
recedes and quietens and
allows Life to be.
Oh, painful the separation
from this place!
Not wanting to leave again,
to again step out,
step in,
to time and mine and me.
Why, Spring,
don't your green vines spread
and brighten all corners
of this pitiful mind?
Why do we only return to you
when the noises
are too loud or painful?
Ache away, heart,
the ache of un-wanted wants
and un-needed needs.
Breath the green that is always here
...ever present...ever waiting.
Tired mind,
exhausted from infinite spinning
with recycled thread
Over and through and over again.
When will it end?
Take away these spinning tools, Lord.
I want to be that chameleon,
who, in his very translucence,
is one with the Abode
who gave rise to him.


More By  :  Sandhya Keller

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