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Venoms of Intolerance

In the spirit of universality, it's time to root out
The evil of intolerance from the earth-
'Cause victims are diverse, like women and refugees,
Who are suffering since their birth!
Indigenous people, migrant workers, minorities
And those with different political view-
Are among the silent "others" of modern intolerance
With the exception of a lucky few!

A harmonious society of justice and equality
Should be a legacy of millennium dawn-
While racism, discrimination, xenophobia
And intolerance can't be used as only pawn!
Prejudice in workplace and sports arenas
Must be made as an "event of the past"-
Followed by mass media, textbooks, and politics
To fight against the intolerance fast!

In our modern world, we need to be guided
By global ethic, solidarity and shared goal-
Where intolerance via increased competitions
And suspicions should not take the toll!
No longer we can afford to shrug off
The discrimination as an aspect of human nature-
Nor should we accept intolerance as a by-product
Orchestrated by governance caricature!

Undoubtedly, the diagnosis of social ills is clear today,
But the prescription is not easy-
Because battle against intolerance is not a job
For individual or group to keep itself busy!
Concerted action by many actors of our global village
Need to invest their heart and soul-
And now may I appeal to the governments
And political leaders to play the powerful role?

Problems that fuel intolerance need to be nipped
In the bud through dialogue as the key-
And accept our diversity as a precious thing
To cherish by humanity from heaven to sea!
Truth commissions may be launched
In those countries emerging from the civil unrest-
To air grievances through peaceful channel
And move towards reconciliation at its best!

Freedom is not an absolute license
To run the nation with indiscriminate dealings-
Rather it carries with it the responsibilities
Towards "others" and their feelings!
I am sure, education has a central role
To play and integrate the cultures of all-
Irrespective of color or ethnicity, gender or religion,
Rich or poor, big or small!

Today, tolerance is essential in the formulation
Of public policy on this planet Earth-
Plagued by the oppressed, the tortured, the silenced
And other victims since their birth!
No country is immune from the costs
Inflicted by prejudice and intolerance each year-
While there's no solution like one-size-fits-all
To remove thoughts of retaliation and fear!

Venoms of intolerance are at the core of my tiny heart
And venting my grievances in air-
To promote inherent dignity of every human being
Towards global governance and share!
The face of intolerance-be it fear or anger
Can't forge a leap of heart and mind-
While misguided assertions of superiority
Is a disaster that we can always find!

For the sake of lasting humanity, we must
Deal with the past, and invigorate future too-
About intolerance, and help to heal old wounds
Without reopening, like the surgeons do!
Remember, the struggle against intolerance
Resonates with us alive on this planet today-
So, may I speak up and speak out to global community
And hear what they have to say??


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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