Theme: Relationship

Smoldering Bonfire

Elixir of life is based on
Nectar of relationship cure-
And longevity is inversely proportional
For joy and pain to endure!
Mankind is a gregarious animal
Who looks out for love and romance-
Via passionate friends or foe,
To share the life's song and dance!

Depth of a relationship depends
On respect, love, and trust-
But it could be shallow without these
And create the thrust!
Vulnerability of the life's failure
May loom on the horizon-
Envisaged by semi superficiality
Off the hearts of and on!

Abduction of minds can be forged
With the presence or absence of sex-
While obliteration of cancerous love
Shows up on the lens, concave or convex!
Prescription for an overly friendship
Reveals the presence of heat-
In body and mind, location and time,
And they become the essential kit!

Exploration of long term relationship
Is a challenge like mining of coal-
Where flickering lights make us stumble
To drag into the black hole!
Heat seems to come and go often
In the guise of a love attire-
And sprinkles the essential fuels
Before the start of a bonfire!

Onset of a broken heart will slow down
The spread of restless flame-
Like the smoldering embers,
To decide who to blame!
So, look before you leap honestly,
And share trust, respect, and love-
Followed by sparks to weld friendship,
Enunciated by the mating dove!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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