Theme: Life

The Deceptive Sea

I stood on a sandy beach,
Watching the waves flash green and cool,
Waving as if to beseech,
"Please come to us and rule."

As I proceeded, I was stopped by mother air,
Praying to say, "Don't leave me",
Farther sand did the same though in despair,
Then added, "I know what tempts thee..."

Unhearing them, I dived,
Into the liquid sea,
For now the only thing to survive,
Was my lustful glee.

My conscience, in a thunderstorm,
Above the sea warned, "Hark!
You know not what dangers lie ahead,
In your lust for the cool-green's dark!"

Yet his advice, I believed in not,
As I looked at fishy friends,
Yet his advice, I heedlessly forgot,
Thinking he knew not watery trends...

But this belief of mine, lasted not long,
And this time there was no hark,
Nor fishy friends heard my appealing song,
As I fell for Deception's Shark.

It was at this frightful moment,
That I realized it was a reverie of thoughts,
Which now with fear though broken,
Had still taught me a lot.

Time passed, and once again,
I stood on that sandy beach,
Staring not at waves, but a friend,
Who now my position had reached.

For I saw in his eyes the same lust,
Which in my dream, I had procured,
He cared not for the air or the crust,
He made me glad to be cured...

Frantic, I ran to help him,
But he thought he'd get victory's seat,
I blocked his way, just to be trampled down,
His dive was more mine than his defeat...

This sea here, was nothing else,
But the glittery temptations of life,
Which for our soul, are like rebels,
Changing our beliefs about the right...

The air and land are those values,
Whose simplicity we shun,
Someday when we know they are true,
The damage is already done.

My friend here was now shaken,
With such loneliness, he was surprised,
By Deception's Shark he'd be taken,
Had this he ever surmised?

My hand stretched to help, but pulled back,
Though it knew the love I could feel,
What it feared, was not the shark's attack,
Such fears die with a friend's appeal...

But it feared the venom of a deceiver,
That was now in my friend's blood,
Though now most unwelcome by the receiver,
Had in his veins begun to flood.

What use was such temptation,
Which would lose you your friend,
That momentary feeling of elation,
Leaving no scope for hearts to mend.

My eyes and heart began to mourn,
Yet dared not so my ear,
Fearing to react to screams forlorn,
Fearing to help the person it could hear.


More By  :  Aditi Misra

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