Theme: Appearances

Deceptive Emotions

Moving in the paths of life
I came across a face
chasing the dreams of life
I noticed a smile
as life ceased for a while...

Those innocent eyes and the infectious smile
the charm so pleasing
thoughts and words, all so amazing
the genuineness of every expression
emotions full of love and affection
so true and tender in every action...

Oh! so unfortunate was the day I met you
something that I admired
was just the appearance
what lay ahead was a menace...

Appearances are deceptive, how true
I realized when I met you
someone who appeared so full of life
was so hollow and empty inside
never judge from the looks I learnt
your gestures left my heart hurt...

Emotions and feelings I felt for me
a friend forever to be
care and concern as far I could see
a mere fantasy it was
leaving behind harsh scars...

People come and go
to move on is what I know
blanking out the past
carrying forward memories to treasure
to come across some, is a nightmare
to meet a few, is a pleasure
to go on, move on
be at peace in mind and heart, is life's art...
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More By  :  Namita Kohli

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