Theme: Continents

Virtues of the World

Broadminded and western,
guarding by the tough Rockies,
Dense, unexplored and natural,
is the Amazon,
one sees,
Comforting Savannas
and calm Sahara,
on an African Safari,
Diversity and endurance is
what the Asian clans carry
Rich and secure,
apple of the Queen's eye,
Down Under,
Industrious and wise,
is the Post-Renaissance splendor,
Cold, quiet, mystic and peaceful
are the sleeted poles,
All continents,
embracing the oceans, play their roles!
And you who bear all these virtues,
for me to learn and be
Will remain, forever special,
for you mean the world to me!
Virtues of the World1.jpg


More By  :  Mehga Vishwanath

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