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The Dog and The Crow

The Dog stood there in writhing agony,
the cold tearing its skin to bone.
It shook, shivered more in rage than pain
helplessness against the elements, it did bemoan.

Unguarded as it stood, fatal hunger,
death's ugly paramour, lingered too.
Creepy, silent, buying time,
baiting the moment to consume its due.

The Crow hovered over it
flapping the wings reluctantly, for cold
bit it often and so did pity.
The grim scene below was too much to behold.

Pregnant with grief, the Crow sank
through the heavy air to share its share;
overpowered by hunger, the brute in turn
gobbled the poor Crow, not a feather to spare.


More By  :  Pankaj Vaishnavi

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