Theme: Mythology

The Dream

Vishnu lies dreaming
Upon a sea of milk
Supported in his sleep
By the great Elephant
Who stands upon a Turtle
Floating on that blessed sea.
And in his dream are we
And all this world, the Sun,
The stars, and Planets all,
The moons, are but His dream
In which He sees each one of us.

I am Vishuakarma,
Celestial carpenter to
Indra, King of the Gods
Whose bow I forged, though
this was truly the work of Him
Whom all of us do love, Vishnu,
The great I Am, self created from Hari
And Who is the doer in all that is done.
Vishnu came to me
And asked
'Will you make for me a body,
Actually I need three,
That I may come among you
For times are now complete,
As never been before.
I need to be among you
To guide you'; and so I did
As Vishnu asked. At first
I wondered how this thing could be
That I could make a body, in fact three
Wherein our most beloved person, Vishnu
Could thrive, and so I walked
Along the beach where I did find
Derelict, fallen trees, once proud
But now just flotsom washed upon the shore.
Each one I husbanded and saw where life could be
With eyes and body and faces of love.
And so I fashioned, though it truly wasn't me
But Him, whom all of us do love
Who brought this thing to be
These bodies, soul and mind
Within the three
Dark Krishna, foolish and overcome with love
And dear Subhadra, earth incarnate there
And last in brightness washed
Sweet Balaram Whom all the Gods revere
Darkness, Fire, and Light incarnate here,
That we may know the glory of Vishnu
Housed in three.
Jaganath, master of the Universe
Incarnate here by my hand, but really
Hand of Vishnu whose love for us
Brings him from Eternity
To this fallen world, where his love
Overcomes all.


More By  :  Jack Bischke

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