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Curse or A Boon

by Shakti Salgaokar
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I was born without the light,
The nurses pitied my plight.
But Mama became the courageous one,
She decided to guide me through this permanent night.

When I was growing older,
She described to me the wonders,
Poems, stories that her eyes read,
Helped me build a world full of colors,

She showed me the way,
To overcome my unseen pain.
Sound, senses and brail,
Became the devices of my life so plain.

Ruffy was my helper,
Also my best friend.
I talk to him in soft whispers,
His barks and my song are a perfect blend.

'Oh you poor thing' , they said,
Trying to comfort Mama.
'No! My daughter shall tread,
On a path your seeing children cannot.'

Only eleven was I,
When I won a prize for a painting.
Wet felt Mama's eyes.
Gladly Ruffy was barking.

When I was barely fifteen,
I wrote of a cursed Queen.
Her princess was living in the dark,
The prince died learning of arrows.

A turn in my fate,
I was blessed they say.
My uncle left me his eyes. Opening the gates,
The light found its way.

The world that I built in my head,
Was so much better and colorful,
This world was full of black and gray.
God, I feel more than just terrible!

The change in fate was good or bad,
I truly cannot decide.
Coz my life is just the same, in fact a bit sad.
The world I imagined and the world that is,
Makes me think, 'reality bites'!


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