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The Drum Beat of War

Smoke came from the mountain pass troops marched to the border,
general mobilizing declared, the old spoke of wars of yore the young
stopped slouching and looked around for the enemy. Ministers and
king wore uniform, laws were passed against a fifth columnists and
against anyone who had a different opinion than the norm; although
many were arrested no one was tried. War cry had brought order from
the chaos of democratic peace.

The jingoistic fever lasted all summer a good time for marching and
military parades, women wore flowers in their hair ready to kiss loved
ones goodbye. Fall rain, the north-westerly blew cold and war didn't
happen, leaders congratulated themselves for winning the peace, and as
big snowflakes slowly fell so did our realization that we open eyed had
marched into an open prison and could no longer travel anywhere, in
our country, without a passport.


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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