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As I woke in bed today, to thoughts of you my mind did stray.
Splendid dreams my mind did ponder, as I let it slowly wander.
As I rose from deepest slumber, "Is it real?" I had to wonder.
Rising from the warmth of bed, I remember things we last said.

"I miss you already" she whispered to me.

As I stand what comes into view, the only link from me to you.
Quietly as I click my mouse, modem loud enough to wake the house.
Hands tremble.. eagerly I wait. Hoping that I'm not too late.
Finally I'm connected and ready to go, Do I really want to know?

"I miss you already" I whispered to her.

When I arrive where we had met, I look around.. I don't see you yet.
I take my seat and then prepare, I will wait, I'll go nowhere.
I greet my friends and say hello, I smile and laugh, enjoy the flow.
I check my clock, time moves so slow! It's getting late, when will you show?

And here I sit.

To be waiting for you.


More By  :  Kermit T. Frog

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