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Waiting for You

Shadows are growing from under the lamps,
As darkness arrives to collect the flames,
Amassing all prayers, priests too are going,
Why do you make me wait here, O Master!

Birds shall now return to the waiting nests,
Having sung hymns to the westward bound,
And offered dreams to flickering stars,
All alone, once again, on this path,
I shall be waiting for you, O Master!

When the musicians have gathered,
And the singing is yet to begin,
Tuned up strings are waiting to be plucked,
Seeking that silence for my words,
O Master! Only for you I shall wait.

Lost in the reverie of a quiet stillness,
When the stage awaits in blissful expectation,
The stirrings under the touch of your feet,
Seeking that stillness for my wanderings,
Here I shall wait for you, O Master!

When you first put the flute to your lips,
Gathering all the breath in its being,
And Time had also forgotten to move,
Seeking that vision for my sight,
Forever I shall wait for you, O Master!

When confined in the being of the seed,
All movement slept under your gaze,
Eternity waited for its journey to begin,
Seeking just that moment for my lifetime,
For you I shall wait here, O Master!

24 years old Ranju is from Mumbai, India and she likes to express herself through writings and poetry.


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