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The 'Fantastic' in 'H-Ray' Vision

Neuroscience believes that impressions in brain

Come through a genetic level for sure-

Although we do not know how this works yet,

Still the researchers are ready to endure!

Human brains have natural instincts, and sometimes

Even phobias to guide the thought-

While the other possibilities are all sorts of

"Fantastic" ideas which are globally sought!

Art has profited from this source, and good art

Is sometimes fantastic in ordinary vision-

But this is always reminiscent of past impressions

In the minds with a 'focused' mission!

The source of the fantastic is the awe

That our ancestors felt when confronting the nature-

And the vision that tries to present nature as acceptable

Is the vision of art and caricature!

Mythology and religion have remained

As the enthusiastic triggers of the fantastic source-

And provoke us to ask: how the horrendous vision

Of destruction protrudes its ugly force?

How the apocalyptic visions and heinous crimes

Still live with us or roam around?

Such are the questions that boggle my mind

And these answers are yet to be found!

Human monstrosities are always with us

And their existence will remain as a possibility-

While brain- signals of serial killers will continue

To remind us of our own vulnerability!

Early man was highly impressed

By the "fury of elements" developed in his tiny brain-

While the flow of mythology still accompanies us

To ride our thought processing train!

Such mythology was intended to explain about

Nature's functions and assuage his fears-

But suddenly demons and God entered the scene

To populate the universe over the years!

A few centuries later, science unveiled the nature

To offer realities with the rational view-

And the so-called myths were no longer valid

With men with the exception of only a few!

This vision did not make us better and man has been

So possessed by his ego with power-

Followed by frenzies and monstrosities,

Drenched with addiction, lust and crime shower!

Science may have opened the door of external reality

To take civilization to a new height-

But it has failed to cope with the demons within us

And show them the path finding light!

The fantastic eruptions have become the common places

Of our lives without a recourse-

And we see peoples being murdered

In the name of God or holy drugs with sniper force!

Uttermost poverty is decimating populaces

In the poorest third of our hapless humankind-

While the quest for richness and power,

By hook or by crook flows in the corporate mind!

Man himself has been a collection of monsters

Even though the technology has moved us-

Still science has not enabled humanity

To get rid of its inner demons to eliminate the fuss!

His mind may be open to the present with

"Bells and whistles" of modern scientific tools-

But inside his brain lurk the lives and urges

Of old animal ancestors regarded as the fools!

We, the human being are succession of genetic forms

That has lived for billions of years-

And it's from this very basic past that fantastic arises

To immerse us in joy, fear and tears!

The demons' menace may take over us

As soon as the weak systems of reason will decay-

And H-Ray Vision warns that we may see the worst horrors

Of fantastic to keep us at bay!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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