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The First Time

The first I saw you
I felt new vistas open in my life
The road ahead was not just straight
But had exciting virgin by-lanes
Just waiting to be discovered
Just waiting to be explored
By two of us in tandem
And then buried deep inside
The cushion of memories
Locked safely away in the innermost
Recesses of heart
Never to be revealed
Yet always remembered

The hours after I first saw you
Passed as an aeon
Holding in it's mystic
The lure of an exotic future
And the fear of an unknown tomorrow
The unspoken promise in your eyes
Teased me away from myself
Your gaze seared into my soul
Until I found myself
Wanting to go to you in future
Yet reluctant to let go of the present

The instant I saw you for the first time
I knew I wanted to take a second look
That would stretch to a life time
I then closed my eyes
And Let heart lead the way.


More By  :  Smitha Chakravarthula

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