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War and Weltanschauung

Since the prehistoric dawn, war seems to be
An integral part of global mankind-
And evidences are too many, as on history pages
We can always read or find!
The cause of wars may brew on simple issues,
With the exception of a trifling few-
While the showdown of powers agitate the nations
In no time for a global view!

'Name-calling' may be the underlying fibers
To weave the threads of secret war-
And diplomacies begin to clip the 'weeds'
Like the mulching blade in a lawnmower!
Man can put many names to prospective enemies
And the 'trick' grows like a malaise-
While the signals for their destructions
Are carried out without any mercy or a praise!

Our primitive brains can still do to others
What the tribesmen did for recreation or food-
By beheading a fellow man and eat his brain out
For a display of super power or mood!
For modern warfare, soldiers are prepared
By constantly cleaning their rifles and boot-
Followed by incessant running through obstacle course
And making them expert to shoot!
The practice goes on by drilling thousand times
Until the wary brain is reduced to orders-
And become imperative to kill the enemies
By any means, within or outside the borders!

"Hillolscope" reveals that we have not changed much
Since our obscure prehistoric days-
And we call it now "Weltanschauung"
To glorify the imperialism like the bright sunrays!
Those who resent injustice and mistreatment
Are labeled as the enemy for the battle-
While those who are the followers or puppets
Of the mighty flock like a herd of cattle!

We see in a monopoly of power today,
Those with richness and bigger arms or firepower-
Have flocked together against majority
Who resent global empire run from ivory tower!
Armies are engaged to kill or maim the enemies
Before they return with glorious smiles-
But eternity will remain and millions of flowers
Will bloom in the oasis of skeleton piles!
The dead will remain dead and the victors will return
To chew their shame till the old age-
While humans will speak again and again,
And commit same nonsense for a history page!

At the footsteps of fundamentalism, the latent war
Between the believers and the infidels-
Seem to mesmerize the world today
While the weapons of mass destruction ring the bells!
As per our anthropological knowledge,
We all belong to the same genome since our birth-
Irrespective of belief, God has not chosen any people
Or religion to be imposed on Earth!

Neuroscience thinks drug addict can kick habit
To replace addiction for mysticism or fun-
'Cause the brain damaged in biochemical metabolism
Needs a source of 'high' on the run!
Mystical ecstasies, acceptable for the believers,
Are in contradiction with "normal" brain-
Followed by truths and common beliefs of mankind,
Like water swirling down the drain!

Under "Hillolscope", the "fundamentalist" ideas
Are the real danger to global mankind-
While the "religious madness" protrudes its ugly head
In world politics to put us in bind!
A justification of genocide based on the race,
Religion or color should never be a "must"-
To feed or meet the ego of imperial needs,
Aimed at secret aggressions or monetary lust!

Present madness to alluding to war might make us
To believe only the strong can be good-
But that will never last forever, 'cause heaven will plunge,
And it's the thought for food!
Those who are now trying to grab the whole world
In both hands should think it well,
That those who tried that in the past are vaguely respected,
Or our mind does not dwell!
Remember, for only those that advocate the good
Seem to remain in the memory lane-
Irrespective of variable turbulence
From war and Weltanschauung, like a lion's mane!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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