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The Future

When the last fishing boat docked it had only
a sardine and a haddock and eerily the sea
washed an indifferent shoreline;

the rich moved inland to escape the stench
of rotting seaweed that grew so thick that
one could walk form Calais to Dover in a day;

the poor took over what once were posh villas
but since they had no money for upkeep, houses
sank into ruin and stank as much as the sea did;

and the moneyed class said: look at the poor
we gave the fine housing and they have ruined
it all, their slothfulness is genetic you know;

the sardine and the haddock were preserved in
spirit so future generation could see what filthy
food people, in the old days, ate;

everyone is vegan now, even the poor who have
to do with potatoes that makes them fat, the rich
live on soy beans, cuscus and fried bananas.


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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