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Water Scarcity

With global industrialization, freshwater resources
Are depleting fast at an alarming rate-
Because of incompatible activities,
And research is an essence now before it's too late!
Water is essential in all aspects of healthy
And productive life in harmony with nature-
But with widespread scarcity and pollution,
We need to think ahead and stop caricature!

An explicit evaluation of the water stewardship
Must be given a special priority now-
For the development of human beings,
And scientists need to offer technical know-how!
Global demand has increased six fold
Over the past century for the freshwater resource-
While the three fold increase in world population
Dictates the need for laws to enforce!

Ethical and socio-economic principles
Must provide a basis, especially in the arid zones-
To guide water management and development practices,
Based on the scientific tones!
Today, without a better control of water resources
And ecosystems, surrounded by us-
Two-Thirds of humanity will face severe shortages
By the year 2025, without any fuss!

Water is the only natural resource that will continue
To touch deeply today and tomorrow-
The human civilization, in spite of progress,
And will remain buried in drought or sorrow!
Thus the solution of global pollution
And ecosystem protection today should be a "must"-
To achieve a sustainable development
And ensure a better future of humanity as the lust!

Water is needed to sustain life and resources
Must be guarded in each conceivable way-
While the ideas of preserving hydrological functions
Of biodiversity should never sway!
Natural ecosystems are fundamental
To sustaining biodiversity and truly there's no doubt-
Because human activities depend closely on them,
And scientific reports are already out!

With the looming water crisis facing the world today,
We must chart a course of actions-
To eliminate the fears of potential conflict
Among the nations of rich and poor factions!
By sharing knowledge and technology
With the reliable data in a meaningful manner-
The seeds of conflict can be nipped in the bud
Under a global cooperation banner!

As welder of peace and harmony, may I warn
About impending battle future might bring-
And prepare us to prevent eruption of water wars globally
>From Fall, Summer, or Spring!
Let the formulation of water policies today
Be the conviction in each policy maker's soul-
To integrate scientific principles with socially sound
Practices and prevent humanity toll!

Well, life on this planet began in water
And will continue to depend fully on its source-
Followed by the development of cultural
And religious values as the underlying force!
If the water resources undergo crisis,
Development of humanity will face crisis as well-
So, may I urge for a holistic approach
To secure a "water world" where peace will dwell!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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