Theme: Life

The Game of Life

Life in the world began from an unknown origin;
The game of life has also started on an unknown day
And still continues in the midst of men in the world today.
Time is tirelessly working in the world of men
And life is endlessly chasing after the time,
Though life overcomes it, follows it or lies behind it.

Like the time, the game of life goes on in the affairs of men;
But the strange thing is, it's unknown to man.
He is born and is thrown into this game,
Whose beginning and the end he cannot say anything about!

The player has to discover, know and achieve a feat,
A praiseworthy place in the world whether he wins or fails in it.
But games continued continuously cannot go on ceaselessly;
All games must have an end somehow sometime.

Time limit only decides the game's merit;
So also time and limit decide the fate of man's life.
So time consciousness is needed for the man of the world,
Not the superstitious but the conscious view of time is a must.


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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