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Spring is Finally Here

Spring is finally here,
the change almost complete.
The earth has slowly awakened from its slumber.
Trees reaching for the deep blue sky
with new sprouts on limbs, previously bare.
The limbs laden with green leaves,
casting shadows and shade on the ground beneath
granting cool protection for those
retreating from the glare of the sun.
Birds hide among the leaves and new limbs,
building nests for their expected offspring.
The grass looks as though it
has been spray painted an emerald green
The scraggly shrubs,
which turned to mere twigs in the gray of winter,

are now bursting with leaves;
bulbs opening into beautiful fragrant palettes.

I sit and marvel at this beautiful transformation
and realize that I too have experienced my own metamorphosis.
My heart and soul were dormant
like the grasses and the trees in the dead of winter.
Your love has awakened my heart and
it sings like the birds creating a home for their precious brood.
My soul
has taken on the colors and light of spring.
Beauty and magnificence inhabit corners
where nothing but gray and black shadows lived.
After a long hibernation
from the drab, cheerless, days of winter
......I have awakened.
And like the fawn, newly born in spring,
.....on weak and wobbly legs,
I am learning to walk and run,
and explore
this world that is alien to me.
Your love has also given me strength,
a type of strength that I've never possessed
and a confidence that I've never known.
Though I've made a trip into the world of love,
this world is different.
This world of absolute, unconditional, love
contains deeper hues and more exotic fragrances.
Contrasts are more vivid and euphoric sensations
surpass anything one could ever imagine.
What frightens me is the uncertainty
of what will happen in this alien world....
when the spring fades to summer
.....and then to fall
.....and finally winter?


More By  :  Sherrie Gore

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