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The Gladiator

The arena was all set,
Loud murmurs rose, like never before,
And this gladiator, alone possessed,
The keys to satisfy this mighty uproar.

I walked onto the mighty stage,
Ready for this challenge of slaughter,
Then clapped; many a smiling face,
And praised my brave posture.

The apparition "Ignorance", first in selection,
Showed its teeth as it appeared,
I struck it with the Sword Of Loving-Attention,
And thus he was no more feared.

The apparition "Hypocrisy", followed next,
And gave a blow with its pretend smile,
I struck it with my sword to death,
The Sword Of Truth Proved him vile.

The apparition "Arrogance", was all charged up,
And ready for the kill,
He knew not when, my Sword Of Success,
Made him cold and still.

There was but an apparition, that still didn't give up,
He called himself "Loneliness",
First time the murmurs died away,
Had his fear, so impressed?

I looked for help in the arena,
I looked in every place,
No corner had a friendly heart,
Was loyalty, so base?

The apparition and I came face to face,
Each one full of velour, and grave,
I struck its heart with inner strength,
Till his strength was my slave.

Of his last breath, I demanded,
"Who was your source , O brave?"
"T'was the very friends, whose smiles you sought,
To put me to my grave."

The arena was still all set,
Loud murmurs had died like never before,
And this gladiator had to alone regret,
For the emptiness, the Arena Of Life now wore.


More By  :  Aditi Misra

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