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Your Eyes

Sitting here in the quiet
of the morning hours,
while the rest of the
world sleeps,
I occasionally glance at your picture,
and think about time
spent with you.
Feelings of warmth, and yes,
sometimes feelings of desire
accompany those thoughts.
I've always heard if you look deeply
into a person's eyes you can sometimes
see into the other's soul.
And sometimes you can read emotions.....
feelings in a person's eyes.
My eyes are that way.....
love, devotion, desire, hurt,
disappointment, and anger
are always evident in my eyes.
But not in yours.
The only glimpses I've
to your soul, thoughts, and emotions
are contained in your writings.
I've searched your eyes for clues
and weighed your words carefully.
Sometimes I can see gentleness.....

sometimes desire in your eyes....
but all else is closed to me.
I'm still in the dark.
Sometimes I long
to ask,
"Please shed some light."
Yet at the same time,
I'm not sure
I wish for everything to be illuminated....
so I will continue to search your beautiful eyes
and remain in the dark
with occasional flashes of light.
And maybe one day
you'll share your "inner self" with me.....
and maybe not.


More By  :  Sherrie Gore

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