Theme: Love

Stone Creek View

From Grimsby to Easington Port I see You
From bank to bank of the great Humber I feel You
Sat on this old thrown out, washed up refrigerator
I am thinking of You, wrapped in You
Life is mad, life is a dance, a crazy dance
Last Tuesday night at prayers
I circled the room with my hands high in the air
Saying 'yes', 'yes', over and over again
Life is whichever way the wind blows
Always the twang of the sale wire on the mast
As the wind blows
One way points Flixborough's flare
One way Saltend's steam-stacks
Like weather vane needles
Showing the way the wind blows
You glide and twist and soar and I
Follow where and however I can
Dancing this love dance
Animated by the surge within
Spirit to spirit, music I can barely grasp
All around me on Sunk Island flats
Car tyres, Coke bottles, wood beams, milk crates
Tide relics tossed aside by real power
You who drive the wind, tide, rain and sea
Come drive me.


More By  :  Tim Jarvis

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