Theme: Introspection

The Hourglass

The day concluded its chores
The dusk ready to transcend
An old man in his evening
Awaits providence as blues impend

He sits staring at the hourglass
Watching the gray sands descend
Reminiscing the days of his life
As they trip closer to their end

Dark shadows fall upon his face
The scar on his forehead is sharpened
As he muses over the days long-gone
And wonders at their spend

His chair rocks at his contemplation
Of an opportunity to amend
A few pages from his memoirs
And transform his life's trend

Revise the flaws in his choices
Some shallow rules to bend
Sequence of events to reorder
Translate a foe to a friend

Articulate the unspoken words
Unpopular actions to defend
Control the mayhem of emotions
Some broken hearts to mend

Concede the truth of feelings
Surmount the need to pretend
Perceive life in hues natural
It's meaning to better comprehend

He mulls over the possibilities
His thoughts flowing unrestrained
Till suddenly, the eyes start twitching
As the young man's room is illumined

The grandfather clock chimes the hour
And he awakens, his thoughts inclined
Feels his spotless forehead to try fathom
The reality that was with dream entwined

He ponders at the reverie and marvels
At the profound truth it enlightened
His young intellect is ignited
And a slow smile on his face broadened

If this was a peek into his future
Then he discovered the unattained
The lines of his fate he would now craft
Compose the life for which he yearned!

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More By  :  Lakshmi Prabha Matham

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