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What Is?

The incessant chant awakened me from deep sleep
It whispered timelessly "What is isn't, What isn't is"
I looked around but no one was around
The voice must be coming from inside me I concluded
This paradoxical announcement seemed nonsensical
But Guru has taught that inner voice is the voice of God
So it must be right
I had no clue

I thought and thought and thought until I could think no more
I analyzed in all possible ways until all possibilities were exhausted
I was helpless like a child not knowing what to do
What is the meaning of this riddle?
My heart knew that it was precious
But how do I unravel it?

Then suddenly out of no-where a thunderbolt came
This flash of lightning alighted the core of my being
Dispelling ages of darkness enveloping me
Knowledge blissfully started erupting from me
I was being cleansed in this euphoric wisdom
My Self was shinning and it declared
What is is due to me
What isn't isn't only in my presence
What isn't is because of me
What is isn't when I playfully forget myself

Oh Maaloka! I am therefore the only constant!
The unvarying one
The on(e)ly constant
The rest isn't but nevertheless it is

The number one, the only one
The highest common factor, the least common divisor
The hidden and most ancient advisor
The bar above the average, the referred constant defining every variance
The one beyond probability, leaving nothing to chance
The sweetest one, the resplendent one
The unmatched one, the one beyond no one
The invaluable one, second to none
The inseparable one, the axiomatic fun
The one that precedes all scoreboards and every run
The superset of everyone
Oh my God I am that blessed one
The joyous abode of each when all is done

Eureka! Eureka! I have found me! I have found me!
The cosmic key, the genetic code is with me! With me!
It's neither on land nor in the sea
It's neither under the ground nor on some utopian tree
With Me, Me and only Me!

The treasure hunt is finally over
The wealth is finally in the open, no longer concealed under any cover
Listen Oh Maaloka, this is now YOUR Shloka
I am the one! I am the one! I am the one!
I am one! I am one! I am one!
No longer what, where and why
No try, no cry or even a sigh
There is no more reason to live and die
Bid everything and everybody a final goodbye
Just I, I and only I!

calaao maorI jaana Aa gayaI hO baarI
naa hO kao[ gaaDI naa hO savaarI
PahuMcaa vahaM jahaM maO^ Akolaa hI iKlaaDI
naa kao[- pasa naa kao[- dUr
Akolaa ja,$r magar hU^ ibalkula BarpUr
basa ApnaI hI mastI Apnaa hI sa$r
Avala Akolaa maOM Kud hI Kud kI ekta maoM caUr
samaJa laao Pyaaro Apnao–Aap kI yao baanaI
baat yao sayaanaI kr laao [sakao ja,baanaI
AaOr K


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