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What is Life?

What is life?
This question,
I was asking and asking.
But nobody was there
who could answer it properly.
It troubled me,
Took away my comfort
and left me to weep.
A long time had passed,
But I was still unable to find the answer.
Wandering here and there
in search of it,
I'd asked many what really was it,
But I hadn't got a satisfied answer.
Somebody said it was full of sorrows,
And others said no;
it was full of joy and pleasure.

Then I went to the sages to get an answer,
They preached it was mere illusion,
An illusion like the bubble of water,
Listening all this I got confused.
Then I asked it from my soul,
And the answer was loud and clear,

'Life is a gift of God.
Use it for the welfare of all beings, and
Take the blessings of Thee.'

After getting such an answer,
this question has never troubled me.
Because I knew the real door,
Where the answer of all such questions
can be explored.


More By  :  Ramnik Kaur

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