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The Incorruptible Scrutinizer

(A Tribute to Sir V.S. Naipaul, 2001 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature)

Of Indian-descent and Trinidad-born, Novelist Naipaul
Has become a household name
Through his winning of Nobel Prize
For Novels and Essays of ageless fame!

Hello Naipaul, please accept
My deepest love and respect
'Cause your creations are awesome
And truly heartfelt!
With elegance and uncompromising calmness,
You have expressed your prophetic tones
To critique the ideals from Islam
To Post-colonial life and dig up the bones!
Your writings are eloquently informed
By the themes of dislocation, separation, and exile
While you collected the materials
Through global trotting, mile after mile!

By virtue of fate and your living styles,
Your words are set in various places of the Earth
And depict many themes from folksy Trinidad,
The place of your birth!
Explorations of modern India, the ancestral land,
Occupy a special place in your book
While readers around the world are now opening
Their eyes to take a special look!
Bleak and scathing portraits of post-colonial Africa
In your novels bring out the tear
About oppression and hostilities suffered by people
That lived in fear!

Your fiction is often autobiographical,
But non-fiction portrays the elements of fiction
And creates the whirlwind in readers' minds,
While reeling the thrill and addiction!
The personal feelings of your rootlessness
Describe you well as "the world's writer" now
And are neatly shown in your novels/stories
That the readers can learn from it how!

In conclusion, I love to say this:
Although it's very true, as it is
You have brought the glory to England, your home;
And to India, your ancestral land
By unveiling the suppressed histories
From monarchy to tribal hand!
You are the "Literary Circumnavigator",
And have encompassed the concerns of global mankind
By the application of your literary sensitivity,
And transcended the barriers that we can easily find!
No doubt, you are the "Incorruptible Scrutinizer",
While "The Enigma of Arrival" was the Committee's choice
But still your novels and stories will always shine
Through the history and echo your unique voice!!!

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