Theme: Farewell

The Last Spring

Before this day is over
Let me fulfill my desire
Together let us go
Only for once
And collect the flowers of spring.
To your garden
Again and again the spring will come
I beg of you only this one.
I forgot so long
How my time has passed in vain.
In this evening light
Suddenly I see in your eyes
I have no time
With an anxious mind
Now like a miser I count
The remaining days of this spring.
Don’t have any fear in your mind –
In your flowering garden
I shall not spend much time
Nor shall I look back at you
When I bid you my last farewell.
I shall not look into your eyes
Expecting some tears
To cherish their memory in my heart
Pining forever.
Don’t go away, please listen,
The sun is yet to set
For us to beguile some more time
Still there is time.
Let this afternoon light
Coming through the leaves
Glitter in your glossy hair
Yet for a while.
May you laugh loud and sweet
Without any cause
In remorseless mirth –
On the banks of the lake
May you suddenly startle the squirrel
And make it alert in fear.
Whispering past promises into your ears
I won’t slow down your steps.
At last, may you fleet away
Trampling the fallen leaves
When the birds returning to their nests
Fill the dying hours
With their evening songs
Like the last note of a flute at dusk
Your shadow will slowly fade far away
In the evening darkening groves.
And when the night will become deep
Please sit at your window.
Along the way that lies before
I shall leave at last
Leaving my all
We shall not meet ever again
Please throw your garland of mallika flowers
You made in the morning, but now pale -
That will be your touch
That will be your farewell song.
Transcreation of one of the loveliest poems - Sesh Basanta - from the collection Purabi by Rabindranath Tagore. The last two stanzas in particular are very touching and hauntingly melodious. 
The original poem in Bengali script may be viewed at

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More By  :  Kumud Biswas

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