Theme: Retrospection


I had a hope of peace and progress
I had a dream of happiness surrounding
I had a faith in truth and honesty and
I had a life to be lived to the best of all

The tremors began as mild twitching
the avalanche started as a minute tilt
the repulse was so sudden and shocking
I could not even get ready to absorb it

Years of efforts and imaginations
expectations and enthusiasm,
A million wishes of a life term and
a trillion hopes, ambition and trust

Like a tall tree losing its grip over the earth and falling down,
the shock and tremor stunning the surroundings,
soon after the deadly silence looming around freezing all

Everything I hoped, everything I wished and
Every thing I expected turned out to be a mirage
Every step I took ahead went back twice
Far away and beyond the reach but within the view

What a fool I am not to realize it
What a stupid I am still hoping for it
What an idiosyncrasy I was living in, "
I was not alive but I was not aware of it


More By  :  Vijay Nath

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