Theme: Childhood

The Lost Childhood

Childhood - a lost horizon
Chubby cheeks, but yoke weighing a ton
Computer and idiot-box-best friends
Mums and dads busy leaving her alone to fend
Toys and dresses by the galore
Alas! leaving the heart sore
Classes upon classes filling the day
Art, music, dance and karate
Life seeming like a vast sea, the child drowning
Frantically clinging to every little straw
to keep going.

Childhood - a lost horizon
No more careless laughter, only the smile of a sphinx
No more climbing of trees, only labored games making life a jinx
No more goodness of friends, only suspicion and mistrust
No more innocence, childhood swirling in a dust
No more twinkle and stars in the eyes, sadness looming large
No more time, childhood into adulthood ready to barge
The fresh dewy childhood getting wilted
Already with experiences of being jilted
Every little face appearing frightfully mature and dulled
What have we here - a bunch of mini-adults!


More By  :  Archana Thakur

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