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Where Are We Heading To?

Destinations are drawn away
Forcibly, paths are wiped away
Neither a fist of food to eat
Nor a water-drop to quench thirst
With starved hopes and tired body
Between inhuman dwellings, untidy;
Ruins lay in heaps within the vicinity
Graves of dear ones around the city.

The dance of death holds the crown
The war is not over yet, it's still on
Water is scarce, blood flows instead
Corpses lay strewn, instead of food
At the threshold of fear and death
A nightmarish life searches for faith
A woman, draped in filthy clothing
Aimlessly wander midst ruined dwelling
Sobbing and staring at the ruins
Searching for her near and dear ones.

But who shows mercy or sanctity
If the very essence of humanity
For selfish ends, without any regrets
Aiming to destroy its' own element
Where shall we be heading to, yes?
If this deliberate tendency prolongs.


More By  :  T. Ashok Chakravarthy

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