Theme: Realization

Tsunami's God

On the beach lashed the wave,
Taller than a mountain, stronger than the deuce,
And swept away many who wished for a grave,
The Tsunami left us shocked by the news...

Through distress she waved her witching wand,
And malevolent poverty showed her smile,
And separated many, from a familial bond,
Happy faces just vanished in a while...

Critics said, "Where was God?"
Caring not for the shock-stricken victims,
Who replied, there was no God,
And satisfied with that their whims...

The Tsunami, shook the hearts of all,
And ridiculed the beliefs of many,
The sensitive felt too small,
The stoics explained, "It's Destiny..."

That destiny, which we all at some time,
In our lives, have to embrace,
Some before they see their Happy-Prime,
But did they look at the orphan's face?

When Tsunami hit the shores,
Was this the Almighty we spoke of?
When the innocent were no more,
Where was that God we spoke of?

That God, was in a hard heart...
That melted and flowed through eyes,
That God, was there to impart,
The values of mankind we despise...

That God was in a soul to admire,
Those who stretched a hand in need,
That God was always there to inspire,
And help, a victim's plead...

The Tsunami like the Box Of Pandora,
Left several evils behind,
Which filled with their poisonous aroma,
The air; forgetting all mankind.

Yet the Tsunami, like its counterpart,
Forgot to take back the beauty of Hope,
That dawned after nights in every heart,
That basis of survival; that Hope!

The helpers knew not they were messengers,
Carrying enough love to defeat,
Any calamity that in its ventures,
Tried to scare off, once again, a belief.

In the sweet quietness, amidst the chaos,
Love's wings, to fly again set off,
In the delicate hearts who cared for the loss,
Lived that God Almighty we spoke of.


More By  :  Aditi Misra

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