Theme: Memories

Where Memories Are Stored

Scientist maintain,
memories are located
in compartments of the brain,
since they cannot read them,
how would they know?

In a higher reality,
what if,
beyond the stars,
memories are stored,
each thought, carefully saved,
in multiple dimensions of a souls bliss,
virtues of joy
eternal, in heavenly nectar,
treasure chests of de-light,
vaults of love,

In the lens, observers view seasons,
spring lambs in the meadow,
summer tea's on the lawn,
autumn leaves of red,
winter snowmen five feet tall

Anguish of torment, dwells,
solely, in congested body -n - mind,
in a place christened hell,
boxes of nightmares,
tombs of holocausts,
offices of greed,
in space/time warpness,
differing, in lower wave bands

Vibrations within dimensions,
infinite levels,
higher frequency,
existence in memories,
yet to form,
new, fresh innovations
feeding creative thoughts,
openings, in a new born tuned in mind,
seeking guidance, from out of the blue,

Potential waiting, in two zones,
of bliss n torture,

Do you know how to access
what your heart desires?


More By  :  Michael Levy

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