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Truth Be Told or Untold?

With all the events unfolding around the world,
Freedom of press and news media plays a significant role-
To keep the lines of communications open, and re-define
The sense of civilization from North to South Pole!
The spirit and vision of human beings in many instances
Might sway often by the shrewd media actions-
And will keep the flame of hatred burning in the hearts
Too long to create the new factions!

In each society, freedom of press and news media is essential
To transparency, good governance, and the rule of law-
Followed by a measure of an accurate accountability
To freedom of expression without a threat, biasness, or flaw!
So when such valuable freedom is threatened or sacrificed,
The chances are that conflict is not far down the road-
And will create insurmountable walls between people
To set them with a genuine hostile mode!

The specter of various threats has long haunted
Many of our societies since the ancient dawn-
And caused horrific attacks on the cities or newsrooms
While holding the media as the only pawn!
Thus a new world of climates has long been created
By these attacks that are far from the norm-
And oblige us to re-examine the host of new factors
For the evaluation of news media and press freedom!

Responsibilities of news media for the independent
And pluralistic reporting are now more important than ever-
Especially in times of conflict, to prevent worst atrocities
And that should happen never!
Belligerents view the freedom of expressions
As an enemy to their hidden cause-
And the media as a tool for propaganda,
When the plot thickens or takes a pause!
Journalists may face pressure, manipulation, intimidation,
Or even elimination without a choice-
While the cycle of violation continues
To spread the hatred fast and choke the voice!

With the swirl of constantly breaking news,
Threats to press and media are often visible now-
Through assassinations, abductions, tortures,
And bombings of media offices, as a revenge vow!
We must abhor such violence, and allow the journalists
To enjoy their basic human rights-
Like anyone else, while they carry out their choice
Of profession from different heights!

In the aftermath of any war, the formation of a free and
Independent press offers a way out of mistrust and fear-
By creating an environment where true dialogue
Is possible based on the facts drenched in tear!
Special attention must be given to ensuring
That the women's voices are heard-
'Cause they are the first ones affected by
Armed conflict and get killed like a bird!

Threats cannot be fought successfully without
The news media until and unless they are free-
To enquire into the causes of threat,
And the socio-political conditions of human tree!
Media have crucial responsibilities in a society
To propagate the authentic news for sure-
Without encouraging a panic or giving way
To public moods of revenge or hysteria to endure!

The unprecedented challenge and greatest service
That the media can perform for us all-
Are to act freely, responsibly, and independently
While staying alert at the beck and call!
They must neither be alarmed by the threats,
Nor become a mouthpiece of patriotic tissue-
In stead, the media must publicize truth
And uphold professional conduct as the salient issue!

Freedom of expression through press and news media
Should be treated as our birthright-
To enhance, enlighten, and enrich the global humanity
With a bright future bathed in light!
Journalists must be protected in their efforts
To maintain information, unbiased and fair-
While calling in the world's attention to the sufferings
Of human beings and news for us to share!

Today, I muse alone to view a new paradigm in
Human relations through fair media and freedom of press-
While my mind floats in "Hillolsphere" to replace
The image of global village with a brand new dress!
So in the interest of justice, peace, and knowledge,
I urge you to explore any dilemma with truth: be told or untold?
And allow the journalists, news media, and the free press
To cherish their freedom and behold!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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