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The Memorial

On this day of remembrance and reflection
I had decided not to feel despair and insecure.
Yet, I was compelled to watch with dejection
What my country and fellow men had to endure.

I watched the observances at Ground Zero,
Where a solemn ceremony full of dignity,
Was conducted in memory of every hero
Innocent lives stolen in a moment of cruelty.

In Pennsylvania and the Pentagon too
There were somber meetings of family.
Without lingering on emotions, not much ado,
They conducted the memorial admirably.

In Ground Zero, the pride and dignity of the moment
Was complemented by songs, poetry and prose.
As if to show the deceased did not dwell in the torment
Gusts of wind and dust, from hallowed ground arose!

The victims of Pentagon and the Twin Towers,
And the Americans, who gave their lives overseas,
Remembered with a plea for God’s powers
To be bestowed on their souls, to rest in peace.

The country is still mourning, still bewildered,
Even after a year the shock has hardly effaced,
The horrific acts of violence has only fueled,
To boost our valor in the dangers we faced.

I saw resolve in all those who attended,
Not to succumb to fear and retreat,
For inaction in the past has portended,
Only more misery, and certain defeat.

The enemy has no conscience or empathy,
Neither can we appeal to his sense of decency.
Such fanatical minds cannot be won with sympathy,
Only the might of sword can win, not our complacency.

The lives lost on nine-eleven should not be in vain,
And we have taken an oath in their deference,
To seek and punish those who caused us this pain,
We have now taken up arms in our own self-defense.


More By  : Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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