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The Miseries of our Lives

The great poet's great epic!
The great epic's burning hell!
The burning hell's invisible fire!
And burning in that fire stood Lucifer!

Lucifer's eyes contained
The burning desire to rule!
Thrown out of paradise,
He stood erect,
Face epitome of rebellion
Heart full of choked emotions
Thus, spoke the new ruler
"It is better to rule in hell,
Than to serve in heaven"

All his followers echoed
The words, the feelings, the emotions.
All hell broke down
A new ruler in the hell
Was installed, by default!
Could it be God's fault?

God smiled! Though,
so did Lucifer
The great poet could no see
Through the smile of good and evil
It is God almighty who rules the paradise!
And Lucifer is the ruler of Hell!
Rest all are mere mortals!
Mere slaves! Mere followers!
Be it heaven or hell
We won't live to tell
The miseries of our lives.


More By  :  Tejinder Sharma

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