Theme: Marriage

True Communion

Despite the urge of my aching heart-
Filled with desire to touch you
And drive you wild with passion unleashed,
I turned around
Fa'ade was my armor.
We were almost strangers
Unified by law of norms.
While I lingered on the couch
You were perched on the bed
Striving to coin trivial conversation.
I could feel your stare stripping me
Your eyes caressing my virgin soul,
I quivered like the flame of a candle.

You dialed the room service number
Ordered a cold coffee and hot chocolate-
I could feel your nervousness in me.
Your soft warm breath suddenly so close to me
The devilish charm of your cologne
Was like sweet nectar-
It trapped and set me aflame.
Sensual longing crushed my resolve,
My heart leapt, I melted, I surrendered-
Holding each other in embrace of warmth
We embarked on a voyage of ecstasy.

The starlit night's glow bathed us
Two radiant souls merged into one,
Exploring and arching in a passionate play,
Savoring the pinnacle of pain and pleasure.
Moonlit night witnessed
Our nightlong pursuit of
Repeated fantasy and fulfillment
Finally we succumbed to crescendo.
Day broke; a new sacred world was reborn
Armed with nouveau thoughts and promises
We were no more strangers,
Love and passion augmented
A true communion of two souls.


More By  :  Jayati Chowdhury

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