Theme: Philosophy

The New Present

Locked up in the glass-palace
Of the new millennium,
In a state of suffocated anxiety,
A poet of pure, tender emotions
Shudders to hear the sound
Of his own breathing.

His sensations have disappeared
Or are buried in
The measureless embryos of the deep
The impending good-morrow.

Today in every nook and corner
Of the world anarchy rules.
The poet who used to be engrossed
In describing the glow of red lips
Is terrified by the flames of fire.

The sensitive one who used to get drowned
In the kohl of the beautiful eyes
Is shocked to witness the dance
Of savagery.

The bugle of destruction is blown
Sky is stunned by agony, hiccups, shrieks,
Tears, pain and terror.

killing, killing and killing:

In the surge of tears
People drift and sink

Clothes wet with blood
Hands covered with blood
Holi celebrated with the blood
Of the innocent people:

The poor homes of the poor burning
Flames howling

Burning the poor homes of the weak
People are celebrating Deepavali.

Searching for warmth
Of a mother's anchal and food
Innocent waifs are begging
From door to door.

The naked dance of savagery:
Contaminated water, polluted environment
Society - emitting the venom of hatred
Happiness 'Peace- Procreation ' Prosperity
Kalptaru ' with fruits of growth!

In their own land
People are living a life
Worst than refugees
People are killed everyday
Mourning the living of a life.

Is it the welcome present ?


More By  :  Jyotsana K. Prasad

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