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Who am I?

I am Alone
But Not Lonely
I am One
But Not Countable
I am Infinite
But Within Everybody's Grasp
I am Not Observable
But Witness Everything
I am Hidden
But Yet So Apparent
I am Bounded
But Have Complete Freedom
I am Breathless
But Air Dances to My Tune
I am a Blackhole
But All Stars Pale in My Glowing Presence
I am Everything
But Yet No -Thing
I am No Thought
But Behind Every Thought
I am Fire
But Flare On Water
I am the Water
But Climb the Mountain
I am the Music
But Have No Orchestra
My Eyes are Wide Shut
But Vision Is Unlimited
My Tongue is Sliced
But Knowledge Springs From My Mouth
My Heart Is Not Beating
But Blood Throbs in My Veins
My Arms are Chopped
But the Universe is in My Hands
My Legs Are Motionless
But I Traverse the Galaxies

My Mind Is Inert
But My Intelligence Is Unmatched
My Decapitated Head Lies on the Ground
But My Body is in Bliss
My Guardians are the Sun and the Moon
But I am Their Light

I am No He, Not She, Nor We
Just Me But Overflowing With Glee
My Beloved Friend This is My Question to Thee
Who's Me?


More By  :  Maalok

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