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Woman Power!

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Without Shakti, Siva cannot do any duty in all the worlds;
Without power, no matter can be active in the Universe;
Without soul, human body cannot survive in the world!

Without mother, children cannot grow hale and healthy;
Without wife, husband cannot maintain family and children;
Without woman, man cannot love and live in the world!

Beauty, intelligence and love are the aspects of personality
That helps women stand unique in the world;
But, so emotional by nature that it's impossible
For a woman to keep secrets in her heart;
And so, women let the cat out of the bag easily!

Hence women show the skeleton kept in the cup-board
Long to anyone who moves them most!
That's why taboos and restrictions imposed on women
Are perhaps rigorous and heartless in many religions,
That are, now, slowly removed by social reforms
By great movement leaders in the modern world.

Literature is also full of the Power of Women
As the Main Theme everywhere in the world!
Without the beautiful woman, Helen at the center of the story,
How can Homer's Iliad ever exist in the world?
Without the virtuous woman, Sita in Valmiki's Great Epic,
Ramayana can ever be read so long?

Thousands of years, by law and religion,
Women are kept as under-dogs to men;
Women are not just the Weaker Vessels,
Without whose encouraging support
Vessels of Tears won't survive in the world;
Without the knowledge, intelligence and support
Of Woman Power, no family
Can sustain, develop and survive!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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