Theme: Life

The Ocean, The Witness

The Ocean, The Witness1.jpg
I hear the waves
Speaking in turbulent tongues
Of lost memories
And forgotten lives
The ocean swirls and churns
A restless cauldron
Brewing ephemeral secrets
Waves like demons
Hungry and spiteful
Lurching forward
To inflict unspeakable pain
Yet it cannot bear
The sorrows of a lifetime
The intense crescendo
Is now lost
When water meets land

As I stand here
Feet soaked in wet sand
I see the world through
Galilee's eyes
Plato's philosopher-kings
Machiavellian morals
Hobbesian state of nature
This eternal ocean
Is our only witness
In the court of history
With its century-old silence
It guards the secrets
Of the papacy
Of glorious kingdoms
Of the Queen, the merchant, the artist
Of wanderers and missionaries
It weaves and sieves
Leftovers from the vicissitudes of time
Leaves us with nothing but
An inscription or a mere impression
Of what went by.

Will I ever know?
The ultimate truth of existence
Will I ever comprehend?
The days and ways of generations past
Will I succumb?
To the falsehoods and the pretences
Will I succeed?
In changing my destiny
Do I dare tip the balance?
Between binary oppositions

The waves speak
In turbulent tongues
The darkness dawns upon humanity
As Night draws the curtains
The show is over
This is how life evolves
And transgresses
Never straying too far away
From the rehearsed script
For all the mirages of joy it brings
We still hope, strive, and seek
Eternal bliss.

As I turn to walk back
To the life that beckons
To everyday normalcy
I understand
The show must go on...


More By  :  Divya Chandran

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