Theme: Anguish


Trapped in a viscous morass of confusion
I grapple with my identity.
Am I this or am I that?
Am I the water or am I some species of sea-life?
A flower? A weed? An exotic blossom? A freak of pollination?

The gardener looks askance with bewildered embarrassment -
'What is this strange 'thing' I have nurtured?' ' he wonders.
I have sprouted from his own seed
So he will not uproot me, but oh tragic fate!
Pity has supplanted tender loving care.

I am not a clown in this circus called humanity
But they are amused.
They jeer, they leer, they are obscene and lewd.
You puffed-up, deluded models of perfection,
Come peer candidly into this mirror I hold up
Are these emotionally challenged images yours?
These hideous reflections bereft of compassion and sympathy?
Am I a sub-species of human kind
Or are you sub human with your stunted love?

I dare you to get under my skin.
Broken heartstrings strum out tormented whispers:
Do you feel my pain? My bafflement?
My need for acceptance?
Can you discern the nigh inaudible flutter of a bruised bird?
Can you perceive the soft fragrance wafting
From a fragile violet crushed by cold, callous hands?
By what right do you ridicule and dehumanize me, you,
Who but for nature's bounty could have been me?

Family and friends, just as much as
The blunted bosom of humanity
Are blind and deaf to my muffled anguish.
Is it my fault that I am hormonally challenged?
I love, I hurt, I laugh, I cry, I hunger just as much as you.

A talented, genial, affectionate, exquisite woman
Traumatized in a male body!
That is who I am!

At last I have found the one
whose love has set me free
Jubilantly I glide by his side,
so now just let me be.


More By  :  Shernaz Wadia

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