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The Perennial Philosophy

When the clouds are gathering in the sky,
And with fully spread wings the peacocks are dancing,
The rain is sure to come.

When the glorious morning Sun is coming up,
And the gentle breeze is moving the leaves of the trees,
People begin their work in a pleasant manner.

While the cool river is going through the serene land,
And the sky high towering temple is shining like gold,
Radha and Krishna dance in the Brindhawan garden.

Where the green leaves of the trees are shading the banks of the river,
And the beautiful birds are singing sweetly over the trees,
There the miseries of the men melt away in the melody of the Divine.

As the haunting melodies of the Divine Lord keep
The cows, shepherds and the maids in spell bound serenity,
The dappled dusk draws the day to a close.

Like the crystal clear water flowing in cascades,
The moving musical notes flow from the divine flute of the Lord,
And the dames dance around the Lord in their dreams!

In endless merry go round, the group dance of the dames go on.
Like the planets revolving round the Sun,
Like the Stars twinkling around the Moon in the Universe!

To overcome the big ocean of life in a easy way,
The Lord has come to the world from the ocean of Cosmic energy
To wake up men from the illusion of life and show them the way out.

Brindhawan is the beautiful place the Lord has chosen to preach
The perennial philosophy of Non-Attachment to overcome all woes
For all the men to follow faithfully on the path of Dharma.


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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