Theme: Idealism

Winner or Loser


None was never a winner
Eternal, better, higher, gainer.
That Churchill or Eisenhower
In the death row of Adolf Hitler.

They never stopped battle war
Ongoing Genocide in all over.
Revenge, avenge, seize and loot
Power, politics, rob and shoot.

Who are they and who are you
To use us, kill us, to let us go!
To heat, to cold, unto the drill
Decide-preside turn us swill!

Is there anyone who once won
If they immortal, never gone?
Fully truly everybody was caught
Sorrow suffering death they got!


Why all fight, quarrel and game
Using the just cause, God's name?
Never ever came peace and fame
For the humanity, isn't it shame!

Last night was the worst nightmare
It was horrible with death and fear!
Bombs-guns, sword-scream-cry
My best ones died and became fry!

Can human be a danger or devil
Can a human be the almighty evil?
Can he use Germs, bullets and fire
To end race, tribe, a human empire!

Stop a leader, president or king
Who plots from a demonic ring.
Motivated engaged to kill other
A sister, mother, son and father!


More By  :  Chan Mongol

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