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Why and How I found her

I was lumbering along without a thought in my mind
When God snuck up and kicked me solid right in my behind.
I was surprised as could be, that
God should do this sneaky thing to me.

Sandy! he scolded....
(he always calls me Sandy,
since even before I was a person.)

Sandy - you need to get on with it boy
and find a new life with someone you enjoy
and stop your complaining with a kvetch and an oye
because ME - you are definitely starting, to annoy.

(With the boss you never ask why) -
So I took wing and there I was soaring high in the sky
and there - was a maiden I just happened to spy

She was flitting along a golden meadow of flowers
With such a lovely gay step that I swore by the powers
that this sparkling gal I must certainly pluck,
and bring home to my bed, for a kiss and a ... sandwich.

So I snatched her up and we live as husband and wife
while she works her fine magic and improves my whole
and I love her so much,
that...there really are,
no adequate words.


More By  :  Sandy Abrahams

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