Theme: Life

Why Are We Here?

wrestle with ourselves
We wrestle with images
thoughts that we think are our very own.
struggle with *OUR* concepts
imbibed from others!
We rush through nebulous
ephemeral strains of reality,
noting deficiencies in others
that we can only see through our very own!
Seeking for surges of power
that make us come alive,
when a touch of compassion
and love without strings
is all we need
to keep us continue to live.
Through these paltry years,
we were given for learning
that often are wasted in longing
and in shining our scruffy little mantles!
When all we were asked
was to polish our souls!
We come to this earth
to learn about love:
all that was needed to be learned!
But this earth can deceive;
luring us with vile,
and green eyes of envy,
lust and possession,
that keep robbing our riches
gained over numerous existences.
Not realizing all this time
that love is perfection
we either learn it as a whole
or not at all!!


More By  :  Rohini Ranjan

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Mishra ji,

yes the telescope helps! Or even telephoto lens! (as in my case!)

But as most astronomers using telescopes or photographers using telephoto lenses with appropriate cameras, these two devoted begin to focus on what the objective brings in their SIGHT!

Lazy questionings simply would not cut the mustard here, on this forum! Even for you! Or the likes of you! GET DIGGING! And with the primary intention of sowing and growing! PERSONALLY!

Love and Light,


09-Oct-2013 23:01 PM

Comment Misraji - Namastay!

Hopefully same Misra_ji with whom I had many conversations on I presume JR or JG fora...?

on boloji/astro there may be a few of my thoughts on the nodes, particularly article no. 1069 and also on Scribd (search under my name -- one word no spaces!)

Happy New Year (It is still January and prior to makar sankranti)!


09-Jan-2013 20:26 PM

Comment Namaskar Dear Rohini Ranjan Sir,
Happy New Year to you.I was trying to go through any article written by you specially on Karkatwa of Rahu and from where it gets it , if it can only present its effect being conjunct or being aspected or being placed in particular sign and how it aspects 5,7,9 like Jupiter when it is node and can't be seen with telescope.

Please provide me link to read more on Rahu.

09-Jan-2013 11:32 AM

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