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Why Did It Happen?

When I saw you at first that night
I stared and glared through my sight
I looked at you, you looked at me
And I knew we were going to be

We seen each other through the night
And that made me see through light
We had those conversations that didn't have a mean
But most of all I loved for us to be seen

As time flew by we shared the laughs
As time stopped you tore my heart
We had been together for so long
I never thought anything was wrong

Then I heard someone say
You were asleep all through the day
You went out that night
Had a drink and lost you sight

You met a girl that wanted you
But didn't remember that we weren't through
You went for a walk and had some fun
While I was at home with no one

When I asked you if it was true
You just sat there in refuse
I believed the words that came from you
And didn't believe anyone who said two words or a few

Then it was talk everywhere
And i just sat here in despair
Then I thought what did I do, what did I say
To let you slip so far without a fray

You stole my heart away from me
You tore it out so mean
But now I want it back
It's no where to be seen

I've searched high and low for it
Looked in many places
I think it's gone for good
without any leads or traces

Could it still be that you
Are the carrier of my heart
If it is then tell my why
We've drifted so far apart

I don't think you realise how
Much you've put me through
I cried so many tears today
Everyone of them over you

Then fell right to the floor
It made me even sadder
Knowing that you were with someone else
Makes me even madder

You've hurt me really bad
And caused a lot of pain
In my heart of memories
I know you'll always remain

Why couldn't we be together
Right to the very end
You took away my happiness
And it will never mend

I would've done anything for you
And hoping you'd do the same
If I was lost one day
Would you save me from the rain

Things happen but only for a reason
Why did this happen? Are we in season?
Did it happen for me to find out who you are.
Or to stop me getting in to far.

My eyes there holding back tears
But knowing that there gonna pour out
All this time I only wanted you to say
Three little words but yet it's a phrase.

It has too many meanings
In too many ways
So here it goes and I hope you know
That it's from you to me and no one else knows

I Love You!


More By  :  Christal Kulpinski

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