Theme: Love

Why is it?

Why is it that
Even though I've known him forever
Every time I see him
It feels like my stomach
Has joined the
US Olympic gymnastic squad?

Why is it that
Seeing the back
Of his head makes me feel like
I just drank a jumbo-size mountain dew
In 10 seconds flat?

Why is it that
I say, I like somebody
Yet whenever I see him
Every thought of anybody else
Disintegrates like a power point slide
When the transition is 'dissolve'?

Why is it that
When I'm sick and
Sitting on the computer
I feel like I could run
A mile when I see his
Screen name pop up as
An 'online buddy'?

Why is it that
Even though it's dull
I look at his my space
For hours
Simply because
It's his?

Why is it that
I feel like I want
To shout to the world
That on a stupid survey that
He took, he describes his
Ideal girl and I
Fit all his criteria?

Why is it that
I'd have all the
Answers if a friend
Asked me these
Same questions yet
Since it's me, I
Have no idea?

Why is it


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