Theme: Faith

The Proof of God

The prime evidence for the lack of God's existence
Must be the fact of the creation: an insuperable
Obstacle, overcome only by faith.

For where there is anything it takes the place of God;
And there is so much of it, it removes any trace
Of the divine, which is the source of faith.

How did the idea of God arise except it was given,
And work backwards against all the evidence,
To become the source of all things through faith?

It seems so easy to write off the human experience
Of God though the centuries, the millennia, to claim
At last a proven fact, God does not exist.

But creation is itself the ultimate atheism:
Where in all its ways do we see any approach to God,
Any approach, that is, except in the mind of a man?

In the mind is an act of unity of the formed world
Conveying beauty, transcendence and power,
and behind that, the projection of a Creator.

Science claims it has dispelled the myth of God
But it reverts only to the argument itself
Of the cosmos which moves inexorably to its owns ends.

There is no clemency or justice in the universe,
Only the brute affirmation of what exists,
Science a mere observer of this trend.

The idea of God is one sown in the mind
Of an individual, in the scale of
Personality, the proof of God being faith itself.


More By  :  R. D. Ashby

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