Theme: Philosophy

The Prostitute and the Priest

She walked her way to church one day
To atone for her life of sin,
To seek the help of a goodly priest
And a new life begin.

She waited awhile with bated breath,
Would he deign to talk to one
Who sought to start her life anew'
Or would he choose to shun?

'Father, I seek aid from thee
To cleanse my life of sin
And seek thy guidance to help raise
Young ones of my kin.

Four young waifs I have loved,
They be not of my womb;
But I care as if they were my own
To save them from their doom.

The God fearing soon turned away
From cries of those unfed,
And sought to save their own soul
By condemning mine instead.

Those who chose to save my soul
All but sold my chastity,
Ravaged what was mine alone
Under the guise of piety.

So I seek today thy wisdom
To aid me in my plight,
Plead my cause before the Lord
And tell me wrong from right.'

He gave her then a piercing look,
'I know thee, wanton wretch,
Dare thou sully this holy abode
When thou art Satan's get.

The sins against thy own God
Weigh much against thy deed,
'Hail Marys' won't mend the souls
Of the unholy ones in need.

But for a mere paltry sum
The house of God may need,
I can plead thy case to Him
And Salvation be yours indeed.'

'Know then this, Oh goodly priest
That thou labor but in vain,
To prey on those in dire need
Is much to God's disdain.

Man of God, pray pardon me
For knocking upon thy door
This alas, is the house of man
Not of the God I adore.

And Man's attempt at Godliness
Is the epitome of human conceit,
Blame the lamb for the preying wolf
To justify his own deceit.'


More By  :  Anwaar N. Hassan

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